This Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) Management Plans set forth the NCC program goals and performance objectives and the yearly Baseline Management Plan for regional and state services established to meet those goals. The plans describe the project goals, outcomes, services, staffing, and outputs for each annual fiscal period from October 1st through September 30th.

The plan is comprised of three sections, as follows:

  • Section I presents the NCC program goals, performance objectives and performance measures. We have worked to align our year-to-year plans, our annual performance reports, and evaluation methods to enable us to track and report on our progress toward meeting our overarching program goals.
  • Section II describes our Regional Initiative Service Plans for this fiscal period. For the current year, we are proposing to operate three regional initiatives.
  • Section III describes our State Service Plans that have been crafted in consultation with leaders in each of the six New England states and New York to meet their priority needs related to the priorities for regional comprehensive centers.

Download Management Plans: