A series of short videos were created through a partnership between the New England Comprehensive Center, operated from 2005 through 2012, and the Connecticut Department of Education’s Bilingual and English language learner department. The series was developed to provide instructional strategies for Middle School teachers to use in helping English language learners engage successfully with the Common Core.

The series includes four short videos:

  • Introductory Video (7:13) previews the instructional strategy videos and describes the knowledge base upon which the videos were based.
  • Previewing Vocabulary (10:40) provides before reading activities for preparing ELLs to engage with text
  • Double Entry Journal Strategy (11:43) encourages students to engage respond to text and to write responses to passages during the reading process.
  • Informational Writing (12:13) provides strategies for students to write informational text based on the reading they have done.

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