Based on a request from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Office of Digital Learning, the Northeast Comprehensive staff completed an informational brief exploring various online blended credit recovery programs in Massachusetts.

NCC was approached to summarize research and case studies on credit recovery school programs in the K-12 environment. NCC used case studies from three schools in Massachusetts: North Adams, Falmouth and Pittsfield to detail the conditions that need to be in place to ensure a rigorous and successful student experience.

The brief reviewed the programs through the framework of the Virtual Learning Program Rubric, which state education agencies and local education agencies use to evaluate virtual learning programs (Crean Davis, et al.,2014). Interview and follow-up questions were framed in accordance with the four domains of the rubric described below by Crean Davis, et al (2014):

  • Policy
  • Program Design
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Capacity

Based on the findings, NCC summarized a set of recommended implementation strategies for districts implementing credit recovery programs throughout the state.

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